What's Happening?

Awana Clubs every Wednesday at 6:30pm


Come enjoy Awana every Wednesday night at 6:30pm. Bring your kids and grandkids age 2-18. They will have a ton of fun, learn a bunch of Bible verses and beg to come back next week. 

What can you do while you're waiting for them? 

Enjoy free gourmet coffee (yes, we have decaf) while sitting in comfortable chairs in the church lobby. Invite a friend to come with you. Imagine a relaxing hour or so with a hot drink in your hand. Pastor Neal leads a casual Bible study called FaithTalks in the church lobby, comparing world religions to the Bible. 

Grace Conference

Go with us to the Grace Conference in Chicago. July 24-25, 2014. Click here for more info. 

Fishing Trip

Our youth group enjoyed a fishing trip to wrap up the summer. See the photo gallery for more pictures. 

Our annual Community Cookout was a blast. See the photo gallery for more pictures. Above, the tube tug battle rages! 

Folks from the church provided games and walked in the parade at Baltic Days, promoting Awana. 


CAMP Chili 100%

Camp this year was crazy amazing. 30 teens came forward to say they wanted to live their lives 100% for Jesus. Here are a few pics from our best camp ever...

11 of our teens enjoyed watching the Phillies beat the Pirates at PNC in Pittsburgh. All you can eat food was built into the ticket. Anthony ate 23 items!

Cedar Point!
A bunch of the youth group finished their Awana books and memorized hundreds of verses. A full day at Cedar Point was part of the reward...


Enjoy pizza and stromboli every Wednesday from 3-8pm. 
Call ahead to order: 740-545-9707.  Proceeds go to help the thriving kids ministry on Wednesday nights.